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Steel Detailing

Detailing & Drafting

Whether a project needs to be taken care of from scratch or a few miscellaneous items that need to be done, CadArray is ready to take charge of your detailing project. Furthermore, in accordance with the demand of the project, our team stringently adhere to the global standards (AISC, NISD, CISC,OSHA and ASTM) setup for the fabrication of steel detailing projects. We have detailed all types of projects and utilize the latest technology to ensure we can serve your needs.

  • Structural Steel detail drawings

  • PEMB detail drawings

  • Rebar detail drawings

  • Precast detail drawings

  • Miscellaneous Structure detail drawings

  • Architectural Building Metal Cladding drawings

  • Transmission Structures detail drawings

  • Lighting, Traffic, Overhead Signage structure detail drawings

  • Oil and offshore structure detail drawings

  • Erection and shop drawings

  • All CNC Data input files

Engineering Services

We have experienced structural engineers and project managers who can provide connection design services for industrial, commercial and many other different structures within a short span of time and with optimal accuracy. You can rely on the experience and expertise of our team members. The connection alternatives provided by us will help you with the safest, most economical, and structurally efficient connections. We keep innovating and use the latest technologies to deliver the best results. Our experienced design engineers and detailers do thorough research and regularly develop new methodologies to improve work processes and deliverables that enhance the output using cutting edge 3D model technology. Below given is a list of our services that we are professionally renounced for rendering:

  • Connection Design and Calculations (ASD/ LRFD, etc)

  • Approved and stamped design drawings and design calculations

  • Simple Shear Connections

  • Moment Connections

  • Truss Connections (light and heavy)

  • HSS connections

  • Splices (beams and columns)

  • Miscellaneous Connections

  • FEMA-350 pre-qualified connections for moment frames and seismic applications

  • P E Certification & Sealing

Technologies & Softwares we use:

Our team consists of exemplary professionals who have years of hands-on experience in the various technologies and software that are pertinent for steel detailing projects. Some of the most relevant and notable software use by our team are:

  • Tekla Structures

  • AutoCAD

  • Autodesk Revit

  • SDS/2

Our team of consultants and engineers will help the project owners to choose one on which the project can de build; though, ultimately it will always be the client’s choice to finalise the software.